About Myers Wellness Center

At Myers Wellness Center, our number one priority is helping you protect your most precious resource, your health.

Many health issues can involve numerous components, requiring multiple bodies of knowledge for proper assessment and effective treatment. To achieve optimal health, all aspects of your individuality must be considered – the physical, energetic, emotional, spiritual and genetic components that make you unique.

Therefore, the health care services and treatments at Myers Wellness Center focus on customizing a comprehensive plan specifically for you, one that may integrate a variety of conventional and alternative approaches, techniques, and treatments. Our primary goal is to identify and eliminate the source of the problem, not just the symptoms, and get you back into a state of wellness and full functionality.

Our Team

Myers Wellness Center has a staff that cares deeply about you when you first walk through the door. Each staff member provides you with the upmost respect and dignity that it will make you feel at home. Although its only a small staff, each one will ensure that you have a relaxing pleasant time. The best thing about a small staff is that they have they ability to get to know you on a more personal level and recommend the products and services that will make your life a more relaxed, stress-free, and healthier one.

Mary Myers
Licensed Massage Therapist
Master Herbalist